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Just be the 99,000th person on this page.

Keep looking in ....there will be different contests all the time....With a different Prizes.....

In the event the counter does not reach the intended target, the contest will continue till it does.


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Must be Over  12 years old to win this one: 

Kids have your parents win this for you.

Just be the 99,000th person on this page and

if you are:

* Mail printed page to:    


PO BOX 1433

Toms River, NJ 08753

* Fax it in at:


*  Please include your email address, name , address, and statement of age with signature.

* Winner Last Name and Country will be posted.

This Prize is limited to the US and Canada  (Sorry)

DISCLAIMER:  We are responsible for counter problems.  

Only responsible to send the winner the prize.

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