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Table of Contents

  1. How do I  place an Order?
  2. Where can I get help?
  3. How much will postage be?
  4. I live outside the USA, how much more should I expect to pay
  5. Is your shopping cart secure ?
  6. When should my order reach me?

How do I place an Order?

Click on the Shopping Cart Icon shopcart.JPG (5519 bytes) and then go to the section you are interested in. Make sure once you select an item that there is a 'check mark" in the white square.  Then proceed to check out when you are ready

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Where can I get help ?

You can email us at

Call us at 732-288-9672 (M-F) 11am to 6pm Eastern Standard Time.

Fax us at 732-288-9029.

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How much will postage be?

Feel free to explore the following:

1.) Check out  (US mail service)

2.) Shop on our shopping cart and continue to the point where your order is calculated to your desired shipping. If your are content proceed with the checkout.  If not, cancel your order by not continuing


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I live outside the USA, how much extra should I be paying?

As much as we would like to help, we can't control other countries mail service or taxation policies.  Each shopper is responsible to ascertain the amount of tax your country will collect from you.  Sorry.

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Is your shopping cart secure?

Yes. Please observe at the bottom of your browser a small LOCK icon when you are in the shopping cart.  When this icon is ion the lock position the information is secure.

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When should my order reach me?

All orders are averaging a 72hr turn around time to reach a shipping stage. The clock starts once you receive your confirmation.

USA Customers:

PRIORITY US MAIL:  Usually 3 days

UPS Ground:  Max is 5 days

OUTSIDE the Continental USA:

Global Priority:  In your country in 5 days.

Airmail and Insured: A minimum of 2 weeks to get inside your country.

Surface Mail: up to 3 months to reach your country.

Small Package:  We do not mail small package (can not be insured).


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