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From time to time we run out of items that can be restocked.  If you wish to be contacted when a "Sold Out" item becomes available again please fill out this "BACK-ORDER" form.


1.) All information is subject to change, but items on pre-order should ship no later than 90 days past its scheduled ship date

2.)  On action figures, color variations, box color, and assortment may be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Quick Definitions:

Pre-Order:  An item Ordered in advance with either a check, money order, or a credit card. Credit Cards are billed at time of shipping. 

Back-Order:  An item that was available and has sold out.  A customer may place a back-order in the event the item becomes available again.  Back-Orders automatically expire after 90 days. There is no guarantee that a back-order item will come back into stock.  We are not responsible for manufacturer/distributor delays or discontinuation of product lines...especially those in other countries.


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Last revised: January 19, 2000