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This page will be continually updated through the month of February and March.  This page shows you the upcoming toys for the year 2001.  In most cases you will be able to pre-order and order now.

If you get to an item an you can not pre-order, order, or it is simply not updated not worry, it wilL be by this week.

Resident Evil 3

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Coming by 3rd Qtr 2001 Bio-Interactive Technology


Ray Harryhausen Collection

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Order Will Start in 24 hrs

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Pre-Order Now

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Pre-Order Will Start Soon

Availiable in Shopping Cart

(Misc. Robots Sect.)

NEW line of 

R-1 Type 


Available Now: Shopping Cart


This one is Availiable in the Shopping Cart

(Misc. Robots Sect.)

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Superman Rocketship

Pre-Order Now


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Action Figures

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Spawn 19 Series

Dark Ages the Samuai Wars 

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Interlink 6 Spawn

Space Ghost Action Figures

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Speed Racer Collectibles:

Pre-Order Now

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METALLICA Action Figures:

New Bender Robots Pre-Order Now

Pre-Order Now


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Gort Robot Pre-Order Now

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Cheech and Chong:

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SHREK Action Figures


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New Anime

Action Figures:

Pre-Order Now


Order Now


Movie Maniacs 4

Action Figures:

Pre-Order Now

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Pre-Order Now

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Cheech and Chong:

Updated in 72 Hours

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